9mm Luger 115gr or 124gr FMJ - 50

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Bullseye Cartridge 9mm Luger FMJ provides consistent support from targets, training and practice to competition shooting and fun at the range! Bullseye's 9mm Luger FMJ combines performance and value with the classic round-nose bullet profile that almost any 9mm semi-auto pistol will feed reliably.

| Jacob Hawkins

I bought 6 50 round boxes from this store, let me tell you the ammo was great. I shot Accurately at the range and had absolutely no issues with my pistol. The ammo was great. I will be back but this time I'll be there for 500 rounds of the 124 gr rn. I'll be a regular customer for this store. Great ammo like I said and with ammo prices the way they are now, it's a great deal. Good job guys you have a life long customer.

| Arturo Fernandez

Great stuff. Id love to buy more soon as im able to. Pretty clean stuff. No issues with the 150 I bought. Great buy.

5 stars based on 2 reviews