About us

We are your friendly neighborhood ammo manufacturers, always trying to get you the best prices for the best quality products that we can make! We ship nation-wide and provide affordable FFL Transfers/Silencer-shop services with no storage fees.
For some extra fun on the side we offer consignment and installments of gun parts/modifications.
Don't hesitate to give us a call or check out our website to see a feed of our live inventory~







A little about the Staff~

John Mullen: Owner/Manufacturer

With a lifetime of reloading and firearm knowledge, John decided to get his manufacturing license after leading a successful series of careers. He started as an Industrial Diving EMT and was inspired to carry that experience into becoming a part time Medic and Firefighter while climbing the corporate ladder into Software Development Engineering. He loves to help others and incorporates that into the company's mission and vision; to be a steward of honesty and accountability.





Helena Mullen: Manager

Helena works hard to provide quality customer service and to maintain the Bullseye Cartridge name. All jobs under her belt were of managerial titles and learned easily that people need to be heard in order to keep the wheels of a business turning. She spends most of her time tending to calls or emails if she isn't quality checking, packaging or shipping ammo.